Jib Ellison

CEO, Blu Skye

The big companies in the world with visionary leaders are realizing that as they look out five, ten, fifteen, and twenty years and they see the rise of population growth, the continued economic activity in this current paradigm of doing things and the security of supply to serve their customers is at risk.

As the Founder and CEO of Blu Skye, Jib Ellison leads a small team of strategy experts who work with Fortune 500 companies to transform markets – and to create new ones. His process is premised upon using sustainability to reveal new market opportunities, engage senior management and employees, and leverage his considerable network of experts to do well by doing good. In this way, Jib and his team expand conventional definitions of value, opportunity and change. His recent clients include Hilton, Microsoft, SC Johnson, Sony Pictures, Staples, Walmart, and Waste Management.

Jib serves on the Advisory Board of the Corporate Eco Forum, an invitation-only membership organization for large companies that demonstrate a serious commitment to environment as a business strategy issue.

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