Jim Woolsey

Former Director, Central Intelligence

For the 3,500 American utilities, they spend less each year on research and development than the American dog food industry spends on R&D.

Jim Woolsey trusts a well-known adage when looking for energy issue solutions from a national defense perspective: follow the money. As the former Director of Central Intelligence, Woolsey acted as the principal intelligence advisor to the National Security Council as well as the coordinator of the various U.S. intelligence agencies. He went on to cofound the United States Energy Security Council, which aims to reduce the international strategic importance of oil. In order to achieve this, the USESC encourages the development of alternative transportation, for instance electric vehicles.

Woolsey currently sits on the Board of Advisors for the Fuel Freedom Foundation.

Jim Woolsey's Simple Shift

We have a geothermal heat pump in the house. We have wind-power down at the dock to raise and lower our boats. And we have a solar on the roof and batteries in the basement.

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