John Englander

Author, High Tide on Main Street

Every time somebody said, ‘Oh, John is writing a book about sea level rise.’ It’s like, ‘Psst, how long do we have?’

John Englander sees the coastline moving inland for the first time in thousands of years as the story that will put sea-level rise the attention it deserves. As the author of High Tide on Main Street: Rising Sea Level and the Coming Coastal Crisis, Englander used his experience as oceanographer, consultant and former executive to research the economic impact of sea-level rise. The book clearly explains the science behind sea level rise and the "intelligent adaptation" that coastal communities must consider today. As the Founder of the Rising Seas Group, Englander now works with businesses, government agencies, and communities helping them understand the financial risks of sea-level rise.

Englander has served as CEO for such noteworthy organizations as The Cousteau Society and The International SeaKeepers Society.

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High Tide on Main Street

Nov 15 2017 - 7:00pm

The coast line has been basically in the same place for all of human civilization and now that’s changing in very unpredictable and unsettling ways. Oceans will rise faster than the past but no one can say how fast that will happen or what’s the best strategy for protecting trillions of dollars in waterfront real estate.

Kiran Jain, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel, Neighborly
John Englander, Author, High Tide on Main Street
Will Travis, Sea Level Rise Planning Consultant