Johnson Cerda

Senior Director, DGM Global

Johnson Cerda is a member of a Kichwa community of Limoncocha in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Mr. Cerda has a master’s in political science. Mr. Cerda has worked with indigenous organizations in Ecuador and has collaborated with two Ecuadorian government institutions working on indigenous issues. He is a former member of the GEF-NGO Committee representing indigenous peoples of Latin America and a former member of the Panel of Experts of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility of the World Bank.  He has also worked as Co director with Amazon Alliance, a non-governmental organization based in Washington DC. He has participated on UNFCCC negotiations since 2000 advocating for indigenous people’s rights. Mr. Cerda currently is the Senior Director of Dedicated Grant Mechanism for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities.

Podcast Guest Appearances

In Person at COP27: Funding the Global Energy Transition

Climate One has been at this year's UN climate summit, COP27, where one of the issues at the forefront of the conversation has been “loss and damage” – the idea that rich countries who have historically emitted the vast majority of climate-disrupting pollution should have to pay for the resulting suffering borne by those least responsible for the problem. At the same time, the whole world needs to drastically reduce its emissions and transition to clean energy – and that costs money, too.