Jonah Sachs

CEO, Free Range 

It’s not just that you need to buy less stuff. It’s really about thinking of yourself as a consumer and as a citizen. We can change our identity, not just our shopping habits.

Jonah Sachs recognizes that true impact can be made by changing our consumer identities rather than just our shopping habits. As CEO and cofounder of Free Range, he is an internationally recognized storyteller, designer, and entrepreneur. Free Range is a media company that consults with social good projects to help them rebrand and retell their own core stories. Sachs has worked on viral videos like The Meatrix, focused on issues surrounding factory farming, and The Story of Stuff series, focused on the negative effects of global consumerism.

Sachs is the author of Winning the Story Wars. His interactive work has been honored with 'Best Of' awards three times at the South By Southwest interactive festival. FastCompany named him one of the 50 most influential social innovators.

Jonah Sachs's Simple Shift

I don’t eat meat, I have solar panels on my house, I live two miles from work, so I can walk and bike most of the time. Those are the main things that I do that remind me every day that I’m part of this movement. But what I do that I think makes a huge difference is I devoted my life’s work to finding the right way to communicate. That's what I do well, is I help translate messages into stories that compel people, and go viral on the internet, and change people’s minds.

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