Josh Nassar

Legislative Director, UAW

Josh Nassar has served as the Legislative Director for the United Auto Workers since December 2011. The legislative department is responsible for implementing the union’s policy agenda and designing the legislative strategy on labor, trade, budget, health care, defense, immigration, tax policy and other issues. He works closely with members of Congress, the executive branch, and stakeholders.

Mr. Nassar previously worked as the assistant legislative director for the Service Employees International Union. He also worked as the vice president for federal affairs at the Center for Responsible Lending and served as legislative assistant for Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. He has testified before Congress and has had numerous appearances in the media.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Electrify Everything

In the not-to-distant future, your entire home could be electric – from your stove to your water heater to the car you drive. And all of it might be powered by solar panels on your own roof or one nearby – and your car could also put power back into the grid.