Josh Schein

Senior Portfolio Manager, Morgan Stanley

As President of Global Key Advisors, Josh Schein has put considerable thought into climate and energy as aspects of socially responsible investing and see possibilities for innovative approaches. Schein previously developed and ran the InsideTrack® portfolios at Morgan Stanley and predecessor Smith Barney from 1996 through 2014. The portfolios sought to quantitatively identify and track “smart” money while evolving to incorporate data scrubbing and synthesis for strategies utilizing nonconventional public information sources.  

Josh holds a B.A. summa cum laude from West Virginia University and a JD from the University of Washington School of Law where he published on the legality of proposed U.S. trade sanctions under GATT and helped to found the University of Washington Pacific Rim Law & Policy Journal.



Stormy Science, Rocky Investments

June 4, 2014
Climate change is risky business – but how risky is it for business? With temperatures predicted to rise anywhere from one to four degrees this...