Julia Fay Bernal

Director, Pueblo Action Alliance

Julia Bernal (she/they) is from the Indigenous Nations of Sandia Pueblo and Yuchi and is the Director of the Pueblo Action Alliance. She is pursuing dual masters degrees in Water Resources and Community and Regional Planning. She advocates for Water Back, Land Back, the rematriation of all stolen water resources and ancestral lands and the decommodification of all that is sacred. She serves on the Natural Resources Committee for the All Pueblo Council of Governors, and is a board member of the Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates and NAVA Education Project.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Living with Climate Disruption

We’ve been living with the impacts of a changing climate for years, but those impacts don’t all hit the same way. 

A wildfire amplified by drought may rip through a town in a matter of hours, or rising seas may take years to destroy a neighborhood. Health impacts may show up in a matter of months, or take the form of devastating cancer rates that rise over a decade. Regardless of speed or intensity, the climate emergency will impact us all.

Indigenous Insights on Healing Land and Sky

According to the World Bank, land managed by Indigenous peoples is associated with lower rates of deforestation, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and better biodiversity protection. But in many places, Indigenous people have been displaced from their ancestral lands through outright theft, land grabs, violence and war. The Land Back movement advocates for returning Indigenous lands to Indigenous hands, to dismantle white supremacy and systems of oppression, but that can be difficult to achieve in practice.