Julia Poliscanova

Senior Director of Vehicles and E-Mobility, Transport & Environment

Julia Poliscanova joined Transport & Environmnet in June 2015 and now leads the clean vehicles program that is responsible for all cars related work. This includes policy and projects on car emissions and emobility, such as work on sustainable batteries and infrastructure for electric vehicles.

She previously worked for the Mayor of London and in the European Parliament. During her four years in the parliament, she was head of office and advisor to Fiona Hall MEP, and followed EU legislation on renewables, energy efficiency and sustainable transport in the industry, research and energy committee.

Hailing from Latvia, Poliscanova studied European politics and French at Goldsmiths, University of London, and has recently obtained the MSc in energy engineering programme at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, specialising in batteries and fuel cells. She speaks English, French, Latvian and Russian, and loves swimming and travelling in her spare time – as well as good red wine (with emphasis on oenology, not drinking, of course).

Podcast Guest Appearances

John Kerry: The Global Dynamics Of Decarbonization

What will it take to get the world’s major economies off fossil fuels? In late 2019, former US senator and secretary of state John Kerry, declared a World War Zero on carbon pollution.

“It’s really putting the nation on a war footing to avoid the next pandemic which will be exacerbated by the climate crisis, and the way to get ahead of it is to prepare and make the decisions now,” says Kerry. “The long-term energy future of America is not going to be written in fossil fuels”