Kahlil Baker

Executive Director, Taking Root

With over 12 years of experience working with farming communities and reforestation projects in Central America, Kahlil Baker has been developing innovative approaches to making community forestry an economically viable land use option for subsistence farmers. Baker is executive director of Taking Root, where his primary responsibility is to oversee all aspects of operations. This involves complying with international forest carbon standards, developing forest inventory and carbon accounting methodologies, and supervising the operational team. Baker is also responsible for developing international partnerships to help promote the project.

He holds a doctorate in forest economics and master’s degree in forest biometrics from the University of British Columbia, a degree in economics from Concordia University, a permaculture design certificate from Costa Rica, and a professional specialization certificate in business development. He is fluent in French, English and Spanish.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Carbon Offsets: Privileged Pollution?

A carbon offset is a credit – a way to offset a unit of pollution created in one place by, say, planting a tree, or otherwise sequestering carbon, somewhere else. But in the race to bring carbon emissions to zero, are offsets a legitimate tool, or a delusion that allows heavy emitters a way out of taking real action?