Kate Brown

Governor, Oregon

Kate Brown has served the Oregon people for over 25 years. As Governor, Brown has put Oregon at the forefront of the clean energy movement with legislation that ends Oregon’s use of coal power. Within the first year of office, she has achieved many other successes, including raising the state’s minimum wage and guaranteeing paid sick leave to workers across the state. Prior to her current role, Brown served as Oregon’s Secretary of State for seven years, during which she saved the state millions of dollars by increasing government efficiencies and rooting out waste. Before being elected statewide, Brown served 17 years in the legislature, making history in 2004 as the first woman to serve as Oregon’s Senate Majority Leader. During that time she worked to pass the Oregon Equality Act and Family Fairness Act, both of which protect LGBT rights, and the Family and Medical Leave, a bill requiring insurance companies to cover annual breast exams for women.

Brown taught at Portland State University, worked with the Juvenile Rights Project and co-founded the Oregon Women’s Health & Wellness Alliance.

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Kate Brown, Governor, Oregon
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