Kathleen Day

Finance Lecturer, Johns Hopkins University

Kathleen Day joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2013. A business author and journalist, she is a full-time lecturer with a specialty in financial crises and how they spread; in corporate governance; and in business communication, particularly during crises.

Day previously taught at Georgetown University's graduate program in real estate, where she created an ethics course based on the series of financial crises in the United States over the last several decades, from the Great Recession through the 1980s banking crisis, the mortgage meltdown of 2007, the pandemic's recession, and today's crises, including the upheavals in cyptocurrency and bank failures such as that of Silicon Valley Bank. In addition to financial crises, her interests include the related topics of corporate governance, particularly the history of the corporate form; government regulation and oversight; lobbying and campaign finance; ethics; crisis communication; and the application of artificial intelligence in finance.