Katie Wallace

Director of Social & Environmental Impact, New Belgium Brewing

Katie Wallace gets it: when you open up a beer, you don't necessarily want to think about climate change. But that's exactly what Wallace does: as director of social and environmental impact at New Belgium Brewing, Wallace is in charge of developing an organizational understanding of environmental and social issues that are impacted by and pose risk to business and brewing.

She develops and implements New Belgium’s strategy to address these pressing issues, including climate change, land and water protections, and social equity. Her team works toward these goals through operational sustainability initiatives, philanthropy, policy, company culture, and brand advocacy. Based out of Colorado, Katie sits on the senior leadership team at New Belgium, co-chairs the Brewers Association Sustainability Committee, and co-founded the Glass Recycling Coalition. Before joining the sustainability team at New Belgium, Katie’s experience includes water quality, finance, sales & marketing, and supply chain.

Wallace holds degrees in finance and economics as well as a masters in applied positive psychology where she studied approaches to advancing a culture of sustainability in organizations.