Ken Farabaugh

Former Employee, Vermont Yankee; Co-Founder, Vermont Woods Studios

Ken Farabaugh grew up as one of six kids in western Pennsylvania. He holds dual associates degrees in electrical engineering and nuclear engineering technology, a bachelors degree in nuclear engineering and masters degree in public health and safety management from Tulane University.

Farabaugh has worked at nuclear plants across the country, including Brunswick in North Carolina, Shoreham on Long Island, Limerick in Pennsylvania, WNP-2 in Washington state, Milestone in Connecticut and Vermont Yankee in Vernon, Vermont. HIs responsibilities have included operations, operations training and engineering over his 40-year career in the nuclear industry. Other licenses and qualifications along the journey included real estate, stock brokerage and woodworking. It was woodworking, alongside Farabaugh's wife's passion for saving the rain forests, that led the couple to create Vermont Woods Studios, their sustainably-sourced furniture business.

Podcast Guest Appearances

What’s the Future of Nuclear Power?

Nuclear power - revive it or allow a slow death? 

In middle of the last century, nuclear power promised an exciting new world of efficient and eternal energy. But after a series of major accidents – most notably those at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima -- public opposition grew into a vigorous “no nukes” movement. 

Ken Farabaugh worked as a nuclear engineer at a number of plants. During the the eighties, he was working at the Shoreham plant in Long Island – the hotbed of the anti-nuclear movement.