Kevin E. Kelley

General Manager, Imperial Irrigation District

As the General Manager of the Imperial Irrigation District, Kevin Kelley has emerged as a leading advocate for a smaller but sustainable Salton Sea. Kelley is a lifelong resident of the Imperial Valley. A former journalist and communications consultant, Kelley was recruited to the IID in 2006 to head up its public affairs office and in 2011 he became the agency’s general manager. At IID, Kelley manages the largest irrigation district in the country and the third largest public power provider in the state. He continues to adamantly remind the state of its obligation to adopt, fund and implement a coherent Salton Sea restoration plan, starting with a 10-year roadmap.

Kevin Kelley is a 1984 graduate of the University of Southern California. In recent years, he and his wife live in El Centro, California.



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