Laura Tuggle

Executive Director, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

Laura Tuggle has dedicated her efforts to public interests for 25 years, particularly in direct service, systemic work and public advocacy. Since 1993, she has worked with the Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS). Tuggle started as a staff attorney managing the SLLS Housing Law Unit following Hurricane Katrina from 2005-2010. In 2014, she became the organization’s Executive Director. 

Tuggle’s efforts in impact litigation have resulted in significant legal victories for low-income tenants, including millions of dollars in federal relocation assistance and establishing a private right of action for voucher-assisted tenants to challenge utility allowances. In addition to her work with SLLS, Tuggle serves on the board of the New Orleans Family Justice Center, Shared Housing, and as co-chair of the Legal Services Corporation’s National Disaster Task Force Relationship-Building and Integration of Legal Services into the Nation’s Emergency Management Infrastructure Committee. 

Tuggle graduated from Louisiana State University in 1984 and received her J.D. from Tulane University in 1987.

Podcast Guest Appearances

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