Lisa Fischer

Senior Policy Advisor, E3G

Lisa Fischer is senior policy advisor at E3G, where she works with policy-makers, civil society, and businesses to build innovation and momentum for change. Bridging technical and political analysis, she has shaped investment policies of public institutions and EU energy regulation.

Before joining E3G, Fischer worked for the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change (now BEIS) on climate finance. She also worked as an economic adviser for the UK Department for Transport, shaping the country’s multi-billion rail investment plans and advising on the commercial negotiating of various major rail procurements.

Fischer holds a MSc in Political Economy of Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies as well as a BA in International Relations from the Technical University of Dresden in Germany, and has lived in France, Argentina and Algeria. Lisa is a keen climber and helped set up Akwaaba, a migrant community centre in North London.

Podcast Guest Appearances

John Kerry: The Global Dynamics Of Decarbonization

What will it take to get the world’s major economies off fossil fuels? In late 2019, former US senator and secretary of state John Kerry, declared a World War Zero on carbon pollution.

“It’s really putting the nation on a war footing to avoid the next pandemic which will be exacerbated by the climate crisis, and the way to get ahead of it is to prepare and make the decisions now,” says Kerry. “The long-term energy future of America is not going to be written in fossil fuels”