Lisa Gansky

Author, The Mesh

I think we’re at the very beginning of something that’s going to be really fundamental to reshape how we think about living, working, spending.

Lisa Gansky appreciates that what we call waste is actually very valuable. As Chief Instigator of Mesh Labs, Gansky works in the design of new products, services, and models in which access to goods, services and talent triumphs over the ownership of them. Mesh Labs arose from Gansky's book The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing, a study on a new flourishing type of business. These companies, enabled by new technology, are expanding what we can share with one another.

Prior to The Mesh, Gansky was co-founder, CEO and chairman of Ofoto and a Co-founder and CEO of GNN, the first commercial website acquired by AOL in 1995.

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