Mark Chambers

Former Senior Director of Building Emissions & Community Resilience, White House Council on Environmental Quality

Mark Chambers is a national environmental policy leader, advocate for social justice and licensed architect inspired by public service and lessons of collective action. Chambers is currently joining the leadership effort to launch Earth Alliance, a new organization being developed to help rapidly shift cultural narratives around climate action. He recently served the Biden-Harris Administration in a Presidential appointment as the first Senior Director for Building Emissions and Community Resilience at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, where he led the Administration’s climate policy development for the built environment. Chambers previously served as the Director of Sustainability for both New York City and the District of Columbia, where he led efforts to accelerate climate policy implementation across buildings, food, waste, transportation, health and energy sectors in America’s largest city and the Nation’s capital. Chambers is a recipient of the Director's Award from the Smithsonian National Design Awards and the Public Architect Award from the American Institute of Architects (NY). He speaks frequently on the intersection of climate change, resilient design and environmental justice. His work has been highlighted in the NY Times, the Washington Post, Grist, Architectural Record, Politico, Complex World, and Reuters among others. Chambers holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a MS in Public Policy and Management, both from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA.


Podcast Guest Appearances

Green Buildings: Cooking Without Gas

As we move towards a fossil fuel-free future, it’s become common for homeowners to install solar panels to provide themselves with emission-free electricity. But until recently, many of us may not have realized that some of our biggest fossil fuel uses are inside our homes – with the machines that heat and cool water and air, dry our clothes and cook our food.