Mark Duvall

Director of Electric Transportation and Energy Storage, Electric Power Research Institute

Electricity is going to get more expensive. Renewable energy costs more than fossil generation at this point in time... However, projections show that we’re going to get a lot of renewable energy.

As Director of Energy Utilization, Mark Duvall's research activities focus on electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel-cell vehicle programs and related advanced infrastructure. He has worked in the field of advanced transportation since 1990 and has led the development of several prototype advanced vehicles. In his current role, Duvall oversees a number of partnerships and collaborations between EPRI and electric utilities, automotive companies, and federal agencies. Prior to joining EPRI in 2001, Dr. Duvall held the position of Principal Development Engineer at the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Center of the University of California, Davis. 

Duvall holds a B.S. and a masters degree in mechanical engineering from UC Davis and a doctorate degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University. 

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