Mark Hertsgaard

Author, Generation Hot

[Oil companies] are the richest business enterprise in the history of humanity. It is not surprising that they have enormous political power... The only way that you overcome that kind of entrenched money power is through sustained and very determined people power.

As the author of Generation Hot, Mark Hertsgaard describes how his five year old daughter and the rest of her generation can cope with the massive climate impacts that are now inevitable. For 20 years, Hertsgaard has written about global warming for outlets including the New Yorker, NPR, and The Nation. But the full truth did not hit home until he became a father and, soon thereafter, learned that climate change had already arrived, a century earlier than forecast, with impacts bound to worsen for decades to come. Generation Hot, is both a father’s cry against climate change and a deeply reported blueprint to navigating this unavoidable new era.

Hertsgaard is the author of five previous books that have been translated into sixteen languages, including On Bended Knee: The Press and the Reagan Presidency and Earth Odyssey: Around the World In Search of Our Environmental Future.

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