Maureen Penjueli

Coordinator, Pacific Network on Globalisation

Maureen Penjueli is the coordinator for the Fiji-based Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG), a regional Non-Governmental Organisation that focuses on promoting the rights of Pacific Island peoples to be self-determined.  She has almost 30 years working in the not for profit sector with a primary focus on the Pacific region.  Much of her work looks at the nexus of science, policy making and how they implicate the rights of indigenous peoples.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Can We Get Clean Energy Without Dirty Mines?

In 2021, global sales of electric vehicles more than doubled. This year, automakers are projected to make another huge gain, driven by soaring gas prices and new models with increased range. Getting away from gas-powered vehicles is essential to transition to a clean energy economy. But it’s not all good news on the clean energy front. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has disrupted global supply chains, and roiled markets for nickel and other commodities used for renewables and batteries.