Michael Korchinsky

Founder, REDD+

Let’s measure energy use. Let’s measure emissions. Let’s measure water use, the major environmental impacts, toxins that we have so we can see what the impact we’re having is, and then we can decide how they fit our business.

Michael Korchinsky has seen plenty of forest populations react positively to the idea of stopping deforestation. As Founder and CEO of Wildlife Works, Korchinsky's life's work is to save Kenya's wildlife. He has operated under the simple idea that protecting endangered wildlife requires balancing the needs of the wildlife with the need for work in rural towns. Over the last decade, Wildlife Works has created over 300 jobs and created an 80,000 acre sanctuary, allowing local endangered animals like elephants to come back at a rate of up to 4 percent. 

Korchinsky is also a Project Developer for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degredation.

Michael Korchinsky's Simple Shift

I became a vegetarian once I started this quest towards protecting forest because the biggest conversion of forested land is to provide meat for human consumption.

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