Michael Shellenberger

President, Environmental Progress

You have to make next generation nuclear technology safer, more manufactured than constructed, connected to existing supply chains, and also efficient in order to become cheap. It’s got to become cheaper to replace gas.

Michael Shellenberger revels in the fact that conversations about long-term responsible planet use are actually happening. As Co-founder of the Breakthrough Institute, and President of Environmental Progress Shellenberger is a leading global thinker on energy, climate, and security. Recently launched, the goal of Environmental Progress is to "boost evironmental research & policy organization building a movement of citizens, scientists and conservationists advocating ethical and practical energy solutions for people and nature."  

Shellenberger is the author of Break Through. He co-founded the Apollo Alliance, now the Blue-Green Coalition, which advocated a $300 billion investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency.  

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C1 Revue: The Future of Oil and Nuclear Power

2016 began in the afterglow of the Paris climate accord, and ended with the triumph of a presidential candidate who has labeled climate change a hoax. So what will 2017 and the Trump administration mean for the future of clean energy? On today’s show we look ahead at how environmentally-conscious lawmakers and businesses might move forward now that Republicans control the White House and both chambers of Congress, and how big blue California might continue to lead the fight against climate change in spite of what happens in Washington.