Michael Sutton

Former President, California Fish & Game Commission

Michael Sutton is a recognized authority on ocean and coastal law who has spent the last three decades advocating for conservation initiatives. As the former President of the California Fish & Game Commission, Sutton was instrumental in creating the nation’s largest network of marine protected areas. He brought a wealth of experience to the role, starting as a Special Agent for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, then launching the World Wildlife Fund’s Endangered Seas Campaign, and ultimately serving as the founding director of the Center for the Future of the Oceans at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Sutton continues his advocacy work in a variety of ways, for instance being a founding Board member and Chair of Ocean Champions, the first political action committee for the oceans.

Sutton currently serves as Board Chair of COMPASS, a science communication organization. The second edition of his book, Ocean & Coastal Law and Policy, was published by the American Bar Association in 2015. He earned a JD in Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Law from George Washington University.

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