Michael Wilshire

Head of Strategy, BloombergNEF

Michael leads BNEF’s strategic research into the energy sector, with a particular focus on the impact of emerging or disruptive technologies in transforming both energy and transport – including the Internet of Things, machine learning, analytics, and other hardware and software technologies. He has experience as a policy maker within government as well as two decades of management consulting at McKinsey, where he was a partner before joining BNEF as head of analysis.

Michael originally worked in the Department of Energy in the late 1980s, providing policy advice to UK Government Ministers. He worked on the deregulation of the energy sector, nuclear policy and the privatisation of the electricity industry. At McKinsey, he advised clients in the energy, technology and telecommunications industries, where he worked for operators, hardware and software companies in over 20 different countries on technology, strategic, operational, and marketing issues. Michael has an MA in mathematics from Cambridge University and an MBA from the London Business School.



Tech to the Rescue?

October 2, 2020
Does the technology to stop the worst of climate change already exist – and if doesn’t, can we afford to wait for it? 
“It's not very clear...