Mike Haas

Founder and Chairman of the Board, Alliance for Climate Education

I think it’s easy to disengage. It’s easy to be overwhelmed and to think, ‘What in the heck can I do?’ That’s why we put so much faith in young people to try and build a connected community, starting in their school, branching out in the region so that they feel they’re not alone.

Mike Haas recognizes that the quickest way to make a difference is through educating young people. As the Founder of Alliance for Climate Education, Haas is dedicated to educating America's high school students about the science behind climate disruption and inspiring them to do something about it. The Alliance for Climate Education has trained nearly 1.5 million high-school students across the country in how to reduce their carbon footprint and engage others to do the same. Haas is also the Founder and CEO of Orion, an early pioneer in the development of low cost, utility-scale renewable energy.

Haas received his bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology, and his master's degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Stanford University.

Mike Haas's Simple Shift

I only shower about every three days. It drives my wife kind of nuts. The boys don't mind. But seriously, I think that it is important to walk the right way, but I also believe that we're not gonna crack this through conservation.

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