Mike Kaplan

President and CEO, Aspen/Snowmass

Mike Kaplan believes that people are accustomed to adapting. As President and CEO of Aspen/Snowmass, Kaplan's goal is to allow the resort to stay in business forever. His lifelong adoration of skiing led him to race in high school. He then attended college in Colorado, where he gained confidence in his ability to earn a living in the field. As CEO, Kaplan weathered the Great Recession by finding new ways to operate efficiently and sustainably, rather than lay off employees, a move which bolstered confidence and led to Aspen's current popularity. 

Kaplan earned his MBA at the University of Denver in 1993.



Mountain Meltdown

October 22, 2013
“We want skiers to literally help save the world,” said Porter Fox, editor at Powder Magazine. Climate change has already impacted the length...