Mike Selden

CEO and Co-founder, Finless Foods

Mike Selden is the CEO and co-founder of Finless Foods. His background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has played a big role in him dedicating his life to climate justice and science advocacy. His research has spanned fields from solving food crises in Africa to marine conservation in Southeast Asia. He’s worked for New Harvest and was also Editor-In-Chief of Chinese news website, ChinaSMACK.

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Fire and Water: A Year of Climate Conversations

From fires and floods to hurricanes and hot temperatures, 2018 put climate on the front page in ways it hadn’t been before. Yet amidst the disruption, clean energy prices continued to fall, climate-conscious technologies continued to progress, and people living on the front lines of climate change found ways to adapt and thrive. Join us for a look back on some of our most memorable conversations of 2018.

The New Surf and Turf

Jul 19 2018 - 6:30pm

Production of animal protein is producing vast amounts of climate-eating gases. But a new generation of companies are creating innovative food products that mimic meat and have much smaller environmental impacts. Some of this mock meat is derived from plants with ingredients designed to replicate the taste and pleasure of chomping into a beef hamburger. Others are growing meat cells that come from a laboratory and not a cow.