Nada Majdalani

Palestinian Director, EcoPeace Middle East

Nada Majdalani is the Palestinian Director of EcoPeace Middle East. She holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Assessment and Management from Oxford Brookes University, the UK. Specialized in the field of environmental management, she served in leading technical positions with several international agencies in the areas of infrastructure development, mainly water and sanitation, solid waste management, sustainable and clear production as well as various tasks on institutional capacity building and policy advisory support. As a strong believer in the impact of proactive dialogue that brings parties in conflict closer, she had been part of several affiliation of Palestinian-Israeli youth groups as a moderator and activist including the OneVoice Movement and the Palestinian-Israeli Young Entrepreneurs Forum. In 2019, Mrs. Majdalani presented the EcoPeace work before various prestigious international platforms, including the UN Security Council, NATO, Planetary Security Conference, Berlin Climate Security Conference and Brookings Institute.


Podcast Guest Appearances

Ukraine and the Middle East: Climate Action in Conflict Zones

Climate is often called a “threat multiplier,” because it can worsen already challenging situations. In places experiencing ongoing armed conflict, such as Ukraine, how do those working to address the climate crisis keep moving forward? 

“Practical action is something you can use to calm the fear, to calm the uncertainty,” says Roman Zinchenko, co-founder of Greencubator, an organization focused on sustainable entrepreneurship, the green economy and low-carbon innovations in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.