Nat Bullard

Senior Contributor, Bloomberg NEF, Bloomberg Green

Nathaniel (Nat) Bullard is a senior contributor to BloombergNEF and Bloomberg Green, where he writes a weekly column on climate, energy, transportation, and technology. He spent 15 years with BloombergNEF, most recently as its chief content officer, with roles in Washington DC, San Francisco, and Hong Kong. 

Nat is also venture partner at Voyager Ventures, an early-stage climate technology venture capital firm. 

He received a Master's Degree from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in International Policy (Energy track) and International Economics, and an AB magna cum laude from Harvard University.

Podcast Guest Appearances

What We’re Watching in Climate Now

2022 was a historic year for both climate policy and disasters. The year saw historic investments in clean energy, electric vehicles and home electrification. Those policy victories came amidst some brutal climate fueled natural disasters, from a hurricane that nearly wiped out parts of Florida’s southwest coast to unbearable heat waves and droughts.