Neil Edgar

Executive Director, California Compost Coalition

​​Neil Edgar has been a Senior Project Manager with Edgar & Associates in Sacramento, California since 2001. Edgar & Associates, Inc. is a governmental affairs and environmental engineering firm specializing in solid waste management, recycling, composting, renewable energy, and climate change issues. Mr. Edgar has consulted on over two dozen organic waste management projects for client companies including technical feasibility, collection options, land use compatibility, site design, operations, grant and loan funding, financial modeling, regulatory compliance, and market development.


Mr. Edgar was a co-founder and acts as Executive Director of the California Compost Coalition, a statewide lobbying coalition that focuses on legislative and regulatory development regarding composting and other organics management options. Mr. Edgar is Chair of the United States Composting Council’s Legislative and Environmental Affairs Committee and serves as a policy liaison for the California Organics Recycling Council, a statewide advocacy group dedicated to increasing the sustainable use of recycled organics.