Neil Koehler

CEO, Pacific Ethanol

We do not believe that ethanol is the end-all. We believe that it’s the most immediate, viable opportunity we have today and has been providing significant benefits on energy, environment, and energy security, today and tomorrow.

Neil Koehler believes that ethanol is the most immediate, viable opportunity we have today. As the Co-founder and CEO of Pacific Ethanol, Koehler has over 30 years of experience in ethanol production, sales, and marketing in the western United States. This career began when he co-founded Parallel Products, California's first ethanol production company. Once that sold, Koehler founded Kinergy Marketing, an ethanol sales and distribution firm.

Koehler has a B.A. in Government from Pomona College. Koehler is a Renewable Fuels Association board member and the Director of the California Renewable Fuels Partnership.

Neil Koehler's Simple Shift

I live in Davis, California and I mostly get around town on bike.

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