Orson Aguilar

Executive Director, The Greenlining Institute

We’re here talking about the environment, but inequality is this big theme that impacts everything.

Orson Aguilar recognizes that, although we live in a siloed society, organizations like the National Resources Defense Council are working to break those silos down. As Executive Director of the Greenlining Institute, one of the nation’s most successful multi-ethnic, public policy nonprofits, Aguilar works to bring the American dream within reach of all communities, regardless of race or income. The Greenlining Institute works towards this goal through research, advocacy and training young leaders. Aguilar is a graduate of Greenlining’s leadership academy.

Aguilar attended UC Santa Cruz and received a Master’s Degree in Public Affairs at the University of Texas at Austin. Aguilar has been recognized by the New Leaders Council, Latino Leaders Magazine, La Opinion, The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, and Silicon Valley Latino.

Orson Aguilar's Simple Shift

My wife and I are raising three kids in one house with our abuelito and abuelita in the same house. And this is a 1,300-square foot house. If we can do that, I would challenge others to do that.

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