Paul Hawken

Author and Entreprenuer

I think the age of heroes is over, the charismatic male vertebrate coming to save us. There is no game-changing event for climate change. This is us for the whole century and the century following. So even though most people don’t think long term, we still have to plan that. And in order to do that, it needs a different narrative. It’s a different story than the one of apocalyptic heroism.

Paul Hawken believes that climate disruption is happening for us, meaning we have an extraordinary amount of innovation possibility. As an environmentalist and author, Hawken's practice has included starting and running ecological businesses, writing and teaching about the impact of commerce on living systems, and consulting with governments and corporations on environmental policy. He began this work at age 20 and has since founded many companies with an eye for sustainable business practices. 

Hawken is the Founder of the Natural Capital Institute, a research organization. He has served on the board of Point Foundation, Center for Plant Conservation, and Trust for Public Land.

Paul Hawken's Simple Shift

I don't use electricity from the grid. [I have] a really cool bike which I go to work with and other places. The food I eat is low on the food chain. I buy used clothing... I buy used books. I don't buy new books. Even though I depend on people buying my new book, I buy used books.

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