Paul Paz y Miño

Associate Director, Amazon Watch

Paul Paz y Miño has lived in Chiapas, Mexico and Quito, Ecuador, promoting human rights and community development and working directly with indigenous communities. Paz y Miño joined Amazon Watch in 2007, and currently serves as the organization's Associate Director. Since 1995, he has volunteered as Colombia Country Specialist for Amnesty International USA and was the Guatemala/Chiapas Program Director at the Seva Foundation for seven years. Paz y Miño is also an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and served on the board of Peace Brigades International USA.

He holds an MA in International Affairs from George Washington University. 

Live Event Appearances

Podcast Guest Appearances

Scorched Earth: Culture and Climate Under Siege

Sep 24 2019 - 6:30pm

This year has been one of record wildfires. From the Amazon to the Congo to California, forests are being decimated. And along with them, the stability of our climate. 

But if a tree falls in the Amazon, will we hear it? Why should we care about trees that burn halfway across the world?