Pauline Kalunda

Executive Director, Ecotrust Uganda

Pauline Nantongo Kalunda is the executive director of Ecotrust – the Environmental Conservation Trust of Uganda. An expert in establishing and managing conservation financing mechanisms, Kalunda has successfully established a commercially viable payment for environmental services scheme, Trees for Global Benefit (TGB), which links smallholder farmers to the voluntary carbon market. TGB won the 2013 SEED Award for its innovation and entrepreneurship, its promising efforts to promote economic growth, social development and environmental protection in Uganda, and the potential of its partnership to inspire others. Kalunda sits on the board of directors for several conservation organizations.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Carbon Offsets: Privileged Pollution?

A carbon offset is a credit – a way to offset a unit of pollution created in one place by, say, planting a tree, or otherwise sequestering carbon, somewhere else. But in the race to bring carbon emissions to zero, are offsets a legitimate tool, or a delusion that allows heavy emitters a way out of taking real action?