Peter Atwater

Adjunct Economics Professor, College of William & Mary

Peter Atwater is a pioneer in the field of confidence-driven decision-making, studying how and why our confidence level naturally determines consumer preferences, decisions and actions. Atwater is the president of Financial Insyghts and an adjunct professor in the Economics Department at the College of William & Mary. His work has influenced the thinking of professional investors, business leaders and global policymakers.

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COVID-19 and Climate: Human Response

Mar 24 2020 - 1:00pm

How do human beings respond to invisible threats like the coronavirus and carbon pollution? One threat is personal, direct, and close – touch an infected surface or talk too close to someone and you could be deathly sick in a matter of days. The other is impersonal, indirect, and far away– driving your car contributes in some tiny way to future melting glaciers, rising seas, and scorching heat waves. And yet responding to both requires a similar shift in mindset and behavior.