Peter Gleick

President and Co-founder, Pacific Institute

We live in a 21st century with a 21st century climate with a 20th century infrastructure and 19th century laws and policies.

Peter Gleick looks to Australia for drought strategies that California could use. As the President and Co-founder of the Pacific Institute, Gleick is renowned the world over as a leading expert, innovator, and communicator on water and climate issues. The Pacific Institute works to create a world where the basic needs of all people are met, where resources are managed sustainably, and the natural world protected. Gleick founded the institute with two colleagues in 1987.

Gleick is the author of Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water. He has received the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship and was named “a visionary on the environment” by the BBC.

Peter Gleick's Simple Shift

We have the most efficient toilets on the market. We have efficient frontloading washing machine. We no longer have a lawn that we water. Our water use is about half the per capita average of the State of California. The truth is, I know at home we can do even better than we’re doing.

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