Per Peterson

Professor of Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley

You would have to have multiple Fukushima accidents every single year to get [nuclear subsidies] anywhere close to the subsidy that we have currently for fossil fuel use.

Per Peterson recognizes that our current reliance on fossil fuels comes at an enormous cost to our public health. As a professor and William and Jean McCallum Floyd Endowed Chair in the Nuclear Engineering Department at UC Berkeley, Peterson's research focuses energy and environmental systems, including high-temperature reactors, high level nuclear waste processing, and nuclear materials management. He is also Chief Nuclear Officer for Kairos Power.

Peterson has been honored as a Presidential Young Investigator and an American Nuclear Society Fellow. He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley in 1988. 

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What’s the Future of Nuclear Power?

Nuclear power - revive it or allow a slow death? 

In middle of the last century, nuclear power promised an exciting new world of efficient and eternal energy. But after a series of major accidents – most notably those at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima -- public opposition grew into a vigorous “no nukes” movement. 

Ken Farabaugh worked as a nuclear engineer at a number of plants. During the the eighties, he was working at the Shoreham plant in Long Island – the hotbed of the anti-nuclear movement.