Rajinder Sahota

Assistant Division Chief, Industrial Strategies Division, California Air Resources Board

Rajinder Sahota is an assistant division chief at the California Air Resources Board. Her portfolio of responsibilities includes management of the Cap-and-Trade Program, the State’s AB32 Scoping Plan, and Energy Policy. Due to the global nature of climate change and interest in CA’s programs, the role also includes coordination and collaboration with subnational and national governments pursuing climate change mitigation action.

Sahota also engages in close coordination with other critical programs within the division such as LCFS and other fuels initiatives, and coordination with other CA state agencies. She has a BS and MS in Atmospheric Science from the University of California, Davis.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Carbon Offsets: Privileged Pollution?

A carbon offset is a credit – a way to offset a unit of pollution created in one place by, say, planting a tree, or otherwise sequestering carbon, somewhere else. But in the race to bring carbon emissions to zero, are offsets a legitimate tool, or a delusion that allows heavy emitters a way out of taking real action?