Ray Mabus

Secretary, U.S. Navy

By no later than 2020, at least half of all Navy energy – on our ships at sea, our aircraft in the air, and our bases – will come from non-fossil fuel sources.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus believes that the U.S. military can jump-start the clean energy revolution. Upon assumption of office and throughout his tenure, Mabus has prioritized decreasing the department’s dependence on fossil fuels. His ambitious plan to slash fuel use and carbon emissions means that by 2020 half of the energy consumed by the Navy and the Marine Corps will come from alternative sources, including nuclear energy and biofuels. Mabus’ history of leadership includes serving as Governor of Mississippi and Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

Ray Mabus's Simple Shift

I ride around in one of those big black SUVs that the government mandates for people in my position with my security detail but it's a hybrid vehicle. We do that. We do flex-fuel stuff. And the Navy aircraft I have flown is a lot of times powered by biofuel.

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