Rhonda Zygocki

Executive Vice President, Policy and Planning of Chevron

We need all the energy that the world can develop economically and commercially. We need it all. And so these aren’t energy and technologies that should be competing with each other. These are technologies that should work together to supply the world’s energy. There’s no competition in my mind.

Rhonda Zygocki sees value in a national conversation about energy efficiency, if only to educate people about daily energy waste. As Vice President of Policy and Planning for Chevron, Zygocki is responsible for government and public affairs as well as health, environment and safety issues. She initially joined Chevron in 1980 as a petroleum engineer. Since then she has held various positions in the company including Corporate Vice President of Health, Environment and Safety, responsible for Chevron’s Environmental Management Company.

Zygocki earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1980.

Rhonda Zygocki's Simple Shift

The big thing probably is solar heating for our backyard swimming pool which is a great saver. The programmable thermostat, so we can program it and it comes on automatically and keeps the heat down and the air conditioning down when we're not there.

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