Rick Hutchinson

CEO, City CarShare

Every day, 80,000 fewer miles are driven on Bay Area roads due to City CarShare members. Every single one of those members is likely to have gotten rid of a car, not bought a car, or is thinking about getting rid of a car.

Rick Hutchinson believes that car sharing reduces both the amount of cars driven on the road today and the number of cars manufactured tomorrow. As the CEO of City CarShare, Hutchinson has established the company’s socially responsible credentials within the carsharing movement. City CarShare follows a transit-oriented carsharing model, which focuses on the local community's environmental, land-use and transportation goals, rather than profit. During Hutchinson’s tenure, City CarShare membership has quadrupled and an estimated 16,000 fewer privately-owned vehicles have been purchased.

Prior to joining City CarShare in 2005, Hutchinson ran his own strategic planning and interim management consultancy. From 1993 to 1998, Hutchinson was President and Chief Operating Officer for BankLink Inc.

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