Rick Ridgeway

VP of Environmental Affairs, Patagonia

The trouble with despair as a response is that not only does it offer no solutions and is useless, but it also isn’t any fun. So let’s be optimistic, let’s commit to collaboration, let’s work together to find these solutions, and let’s just cross our fingers that we pull it off.

Rick Ridgeway sees two problems with despair as a response: it offers no solutions and it's no fun. As Vice President of Environmental Affairs at Patagonia, Ridgeway oversees vanguard environmental and sustainability initiatives. Patagonia's latest initiatives include Freedom to Roam, dedicated to establishing migration corridors for animals between protected areas, and Footprint Chronicles, which uses transparency about Patagonia's supply chain to help us reduce our adverse social and environmental impacts.

In addition to business, Ridgeway is recognized as a mountaineer and adventurer, making the first American ascent of K2. He has produced and directed several documentary films, written dozens of magazine articles and six books.

Rick Ridgeway's Simple Shift

Personally, I'm trying to just decrease my own consumption. You know, I am wearing my pants longer. My wife so far hasn't pushed back too much. I may be kind of pushing the limit on that a little bit.

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