Riley Duren

CEO, Carbon Mapper;
Research Scientist, University of Arizona;
Engineering Fellow, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Riley Duren is Chief Executive Officer for Carbon Mapper and a Research Scientist at the University of Arizona. He maintains a joint appointment as an Engineering Fellow at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he supports other earth science programs. From 2008-2019 he served as Chief Systems Engineer for the JPL’s Earth Science & Technology Directorate with a portfolio including spaceborne instruments and missions, airborne studies, research and analysis, and applied science. He served as Chief Engineer for the Kepler mission that conducted a major survey of earth-size planets around other stars. Since 2008 he has worked to extend the discipline of systems engineering to the challenge of societal decision-making for climate change responses with a focus on greenhouse gas mitigation. He is currently Principal Investigator on two NASA funded research projects focused on multi-scale methane and CO2 monitoring and has led previous projects on the same topic for NASA, CARB, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Hot Cities, Methane Leakers and the Catholic Church

In 2017, it got so hot in Phoenix that airplanes literally could not take off, and airlines cancelled dozens of flights. Extreme heat is likely to become more common, and last longer, as climate disruption continues.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released an updated set of so-called "climate normals" – averages it compiles every decade. And to no one’s surprise, they showed that our world has gotten warmer.