Robert Fraley

Chief Technology Officer, Monsanto

The advances in biology and information technology are going to create a wonderful opportunity for us to not only meet the challenges for food production, but I think exceed it.

Robert Fraley is confident that modern technology, such as genetic modification, is vital to meet the food needs of a growing population. Coming from a small midwestern farm, he became deeply interested in biotech at a young age. He was hired by Monsanto in 1981 as a research specialist. In 1996, Fraley led the successful introduction of genetically engineered soybeans that were resistant to the herbicide known as Roundup. As Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Fraley has played a key role in Monsanto’s choice of research directions.

In 1999, Fraley received the National Medal of Technology from President Clinton. He won the 2013 World Food Prize for individual breakthrough achievements in founding, developing, and applying modern agricultural biotechnology.

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