Robert Gibbs

Chief Communications Officer and Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations, McDonalds

Robert Gibbs has a long history of work in communications and policy. He is currently the Chief Communications Officer of McDonald’s and leads their corporate relations team. He draws on his background of service as White House Press Secretary and advisor to President Obama. Prior to his current position at McDonald’s, Gibbs co-founded communications firm The Incite Agency. He was also a contributor to MSNBC News and has worked on a number of state-level and national campaigns.

Podcast Guest Appearances

Climate Press Pool: Robert Gibbs and Jeff Nesbit

Climate used to have bipartisan support. Now that the Republican party is skeptical about fighting climate change, companies are moving into a leadership void. On the show today we'll hear from two former White House spokesmen in Republican and Democratic administrations now working on climate from different angles. Robert Gibbs addresses what McDonald's is doing to cut its carbon emissions and environmental impact. Jeff Nesbit heads a communications organization trying to get the climate story covered more prominently in the mainstream news media.