Robert Gould

Director of Health Professional Outreach and Education, UCSF

Robert Gould’s life work has been geared towards creating a healthier environment for human reproduction and development. As the Director of Health Professional Outreach and Education for the PRHE at UCSF, Gould is working to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals in our environment through advancing scientific inquiry, clinical care and health policies. Since 1992 Gould has been a leading member of the Environmental Committee of the Santa Clara County chapter of the California Medical Association, and through this work has authored and submitted numerous environmental health resolutions adopted by CMA as policy.

Gould graduated from Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Since 1989, he has been President of the San Francisco-Bay Area Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), and has served as President of National PSR in 2003 and 2014. 



The Health Hazards of One Degree

April 24, 2016
Global warming is hitting closer to home than we think, from a neighborhood child gasping with asthma to a parent collapsing from heatstroke. These…