Roger Morgan

Executive Director, Coalition for Drug Free California

As Chairman and Executive Director of the Coalition for a Drug-Free California, Roger Morgan works to prevent the early onset of alcohol, tobacco and drug use by young people. His passion for drug prevention stems from two step-children who became drug addicted at age 12 and 14 roughly 29 years ago, and two nephews who died from drug related causes. He brings over 30 years of entrepreneurial and business experience to his current role, having served as Vice President of Volvo of America and engaged in sales, marketing and dealer administration with Caterpillar Tractor Company. Morgan furthers his passion for advocacy through a variety of projects outside his current role, lending his expertise as a member of the National Coalition for Student Drug Testing and a Special Advisor to the Golden Rule Society in Coronado.

Morgan is a graduate of Colorado College and the Thunderbird Graduate School of Global Management. He was founding chairman of the Coronado SAFE Foundation, a non-profit dealing with drug prevention, a prior board member of the San Diego Prevention Coalition, and co-founder of Californians for Drug-Free Schools.

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